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(Matthew 6:21) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Siouxland Christian School, while academically excellent and comprehensive in program offerings, is not the movie version of an elitist private school. We are a non-denominational school with a distinctively biblical worldview representative of over 30 local churches and over 100 families of different races, interests, abilities, and financial means. As such, consistent with the mission of our founders, the school board of Siouxland Christian School designates 15% of our operating budget each year toward financial assistance.

While it is hoped that those attending (or wishing to attend) Siouxland Christian School value Christian education and the efforts of SCS so extensively that they are able to prioritize finances in order to pay full tuition (our primary means of funding and significantly below the actual cost of educating a student), we know that some families simply need help and that God has sent them to us. With this in mind, families have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance, which is based on need. Families can qualify for up to 50% of tuition (determined by an accountant according to financial records submitted to the school). Board policy also allows for formal requests, in extreme cases, that may increase the financial assistance awarded (based on availability of funds). In such instances, plans are developed with families to move them toward payment of full tuition over time. So, as the gospel is to be preached to all, through partnering with families, churches, and local businesses, it is our goal to provide a Christ-centered, safe, diverse, and academically excellent education to as many families as possible.