At Siouxland Christian School, counseling is provided to inform, advise, assist, and monitor each student’s academic progress throughout the school year. This is accomplished through:

* On-going monitoring of student grades, attendance, punctuality, and behavior.
* Monitoring of student’s progress toward meeting graduation requirements.
* Timely communication by teachers, the counselor, and dean of students.
* Parent/Student/Counselor/Dean of Student conferences as necessary.
* Before and after school assistance in the classroom (pre-arranged).

Additionally, counseling is provided to inform, advise, and assist students with regard to college preparedness and choice, military service, and career paths throughout their school career. This is accomplished through:

* Frequent e-mail updates regarding guidance news, college visits, entry tests, campus events, financial aid, college/career fairs, etc.
* Assisting student plans to visit college campuses, military recruiters, career preparation events, and employers.
* Administration of the PSAT in 10th and 11th Grade.
* Encouragement and strong recommendation to take ACT beginning in the junior year.
* Administration of the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude and Battery Test) on campus.
* Colleges visiting the Siouxland Christian campus.
* Individual and group college counseling.
* Job shadowing opportunities.
* The opportunity to take college courses in high school.

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