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For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’ (Mark 10:45)

At Siouxland Christian our desire is to exemplify the commitment to service that Jesus has shown to each of us, Jesus came as a man not be served but to serve. In accordance with Mark 10:45 Siouxland Christian wants to encourage our students to live out a life of service. Living a life of service reflects our thankfulness for the redeeming work of Jesus in our lives, we serve out of a heart of gratitude to our Savior. The Community Service Program is not an end in itself but is a way to begin to encourage our students to serve so that throughout their lives service to those around them is exemplified in their lives.

To earn the Silver Service Cord students will be required to demonstrate a commitment to community service throughout high school by completing at least 160 hours with a minimum of 40 hours being required each year from freshman year through senior year. Upon completion of the requirements the student will be eligible to wear the Service Cord at Graduation along with a notation of his or her service in the Graduation Program.

Students enrolled at Siouxland Christian for less than 4 years will be required to earn 40 hours for each year they are enrolled. Volunteer hours must be completed at a minimum of two different service organizations.


The organization for which the student performs service must be non-profit; therefore, students may not receive payment or compensation in any form for service performed. Hours performed for any group or organization, which in turn profits financially from the service will not count.

The following may NOT count toward service hours:

* School activities for organizations of which you are a member with responsibilities for that organization, receive a benefit or a grade
* Service hours completed during school hours on a school day, including school service projects  
* Family obligations (example—babysitting or caring for other family members)
* duties performed in association with student’s employment  assisting a paid employee (including teachers) in completing any duties that are part of their contract (grading papers, decorating a room, carrying supplies, filing, organizing, copying, computer work, etc.)
* Work completed for political parties, issues or campaigns  
* Tutoring a friend (example—study groups, proofreading a friend’s paper, studying for an exam).
* Mission trips and work camps
* The overriding issue should be that the community service is done primarily to benefit others in the community at large with no financial gain to a group or individual, and should be something out of the student’s normal course of action.

The following may count toward service hours (this list is not comprehensive):

* Volunteer duties associated with a church
* Community oriented non-profit organization (for ideas of non-profit organizations check out the school website)
* Highway clean up
* Blood drives
* Coaching a youth league team
* Bake sale with proceeds going to your favorite charity
* Run/walk for an event like Race for the Cure
* Plant trees for Arbor Day
* Pre-approved structured tutoring (such as adult education, literacy programs, and citizenship programs)
* Use your imagination there a hundreds of ways to shine the light of Jesus in our community

If you are interested in partnering with Siouxland Christian School for such activities, please contact School Counselor Kerri Grant.
Call 712-276-4732 or E-mail Mrs. Grant.

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