College Courses

College Courses

At Siouxland Christian School, many of our high school students complete a number of college courses (free of charge) prior to high school graduation. The average senior in the "Class of 2016" earned 30 college credits.  While primarily available to juniors and seniors, college courses are also available to "talented and gifted" freshman and sophomores on a limited basis. Students are able to enroll in college courses through Western Iowa Tech Community College, Morningside College, and Briar Cliff University.  Eligible students are those who:

1. Have scored proficient on the Iowa Assessments in the areas of reading, mathematics, and science (Sioux City requirement). Students not meeting this requirement may possibly become eligible through alternative measures, which at the current time; include the passing of placement tests at the college which the student desires to enroll.

2. Have secured the approval of the superintendent of SCS to register in college courses (behaviorally and academically eligible).

3. Meet enrollment requirements established by the post-secondary institution (college) which may include college placement tests.

4. Have completed any necessary prerequisites for the college courses desired.

5. Seek to enroll in courses for which openings remain (best to register when enrollment begins).

As a fully accredited private school, Siouxland Christian's courses are considered college preparatory. However, as a small school, it is sometimes difficult to offer the breadth of choices necessary to meet the needs of every student on the spectrum from struggling to advanced. Fortunately, we have been blessed with the opportunity for juniors and seniors (and TAG freshman and sophomores) to enroll in college courses which result in college credits being earned, giving students a great head start on their post high school education (more advantageous than advanced placement courses according to a multitude of academic literature). In some instances, Siouxland Christian students even earn Associate Degrees alongside their high school diplomas.

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To search available college courses, click the links above. All registration is to be completed through the Siouxland Christian School Office.

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