School Board

Our Board

Siouxland Christian School is independent and non-denominational.  Serving families from more than 30 local churches in the Siouxland area, the board is constituted of 6 parents who exercise oversight of the school with the superintendent responsible for the day-to-day operations.  These parents must have all of their children enrolled in Siouxland Christian School and are elected by the parent body at large.  Each member of the board serves a three year term, with elections to fill two positions conducted each spring at the annual Parent Association Meeting.  Though the position is voluntary, it is very demanding.  Board members give of their time (too many hours to count), talent (school maintenance, fund-raising, education and finance committees, etc.) and treasure.  Their commitment is not for the weak-hearted or the severely time-constrained.

President - Aaron Nelson
Vice President - Fitz Grant
Secretary - Cyndi Hanson
Treasurer - Annette Goetsch

Next Board Meeting

                    September 25, 2017  6:00PM

Meeting Minutes

Board Policy