Our Administration

Superintendent's Message

Mr. Steve Peters, M.A./M.Div

Welcome to Siouxland Christian School. 2016-2017 was a banner year for Eagle families and students with a number of salvations and baptisms taking place, four young women having earned associate degrees alongside their high school diplomas, state level recognition in music and speech programs, and a successful athletic program.  We are no longer the best kept secret in Siouxland, and 2017-2018 is starting out even better.  We are now in our new facility on 6000 Gordon Drive and able to serve students and families at a higher level than ever before.

If you are not part of the Eagle family already, we encourage you to visit our campus. With small class sizes, dedicated staff who personally invest in the lives of students and families, the understanding that all students can learn (advanced or behind), flexible programming, college preparatory curriculum, a number of opportunities to shine athletically and artistically, and a spiritual emphasis that focuses on a personal relationship with Christ rather than mind-numbing and destructive legalism, you are sure to find Siouxland Christian the perfect nest to land your family in.  We look forward to partnering with you to raise godly children that have the tools, skills, and desire to achieve to the best of their ability academically, athletically, artistically, musically, and spiritually.

God bless, and go Eagles!!